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Texas Poker StoreBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

If you watch poker games as much as we do you’ll catch some very valuable lessons from time to time. Such as when Daniel Negreanu said to Upeshka De Silva … “I didn’t know what I was going to do if he raised me.”

Daniel Negreanu This took place at Level 25 of the 2015 World Series Main Event. He was heads up with Neil Blumenfield and both players raised and re-raised each other to the flop, then both checked the turn and the river. Negreanu took down the pot with {A-Hearts}{A-Diamonds}against Blumenfield’s {J-Diamonds}{J-Clubs}. Negreanu said to Blumenfield; “I was thinking you had tens or queens.” Then Kid Poker mumbled under his breath “I could have bet one there.”

DeSilva heard that and simply said, “he would not have called you,” to which Negreanu responded as I stated above, and there in lies the valuable lesson:

Before you bet (or raise), know what you’ll do if your opponent raises you back. If you don’t know, it’s usually better to check than to bet, or to call rather than to raise.

Texas Poker Store Nighthawk Poker TableNext time you are at a table and find yourself in a similar situation remember this valuable little lesson and maybe, just maybe, you’ll run the table and win enough to get your very own custom Nighthawk Poker table like the one pictured here on the right. Good Luck!

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Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

Poker games and poker tournaments can be found almost anywhere in the world, and even if you go to some remote island on vacation, the hotel is likely to have an internet connection and you can log in to your favorite online casino and play to your heart’s content.  Or at the very least, you can play for as long as you can afford to.

When your family or friends see you doing this, their immediate thoughts are that you are a poker fanatic. These are the top ten signs that they are right:

  1. If you witness something bad happening your first thought is “That’s a bad beat.”
  2. You claim that you know exactly what cards every player has, even when you’re not in the game.
  3. When you count, you always follow “8, 9, 10” with “Jack, Queen, King, Ace.”
  4. Every person that beats you, pisses you off, or just irritates you, are just “donkeys” to you.
  5. If you could, you would celebrate your wedding anniversary by watching a poker tournament on TV.
  6. When booking any hotel room you make sure they have a computer connected to the Internet. That way you can still play online while everyone else goes to the beach.
  7. You can’t help yourself; when you pay for anything you stack up your cash in neat little piles before pushing them to the teller.
  8. You always think you’re the best poker player at any poker table.
  9. When you lose you can’t accept it graciously and always go on “Tilt”
  10. Whenever you lose a hand, you’ll make statements like “I’m just setting traps,” “I knew exactly what he had.”

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Vinny at the Indian Poker Legends TournamentConfessions of a Grinder

I lived in Texas for five years. Everything is bigger in Texas – big trucks, big ranches, big eats, and when the Aggies win – bigger parties! Texas is currently under severe drought conditions. According to the National Drought Mitigation Center in Lincoln, NE, more than 98% of Texas faces severe water restrictions as drought conditions worsen. However, Texas has faced another drought for decades – the Poker Drought.pokerdraught

Other than the most beautiful girls you’ll ever see, Texas popularized Texas Hold’ Em – the purest form of poker there is. However, there are no casinos, and if one wants to gamble, one has to drive to Louisiana or Oklahoma. Fortunately, we found a poker warrior. His name is Ryan Guillen.  He is a Texas State Representative and he recently filed House Bill 2098, which would legalize social poker rooms. These social poker establishments, as the bill defines, are businesses that offer food and drinks to exclusive members, along with poker games that entail no other advantage other than luck and skill at the poker tables. Poker enthusiasts hope that this bill makes it through the House and the Senate and if that happens, beginning September 1, 2013, they will be playing in social poker rooms across Texas. We, at Texas Poker Store, have our fingers crossed, and hope that this bill passes. If it does, this will be is a first step towards a bigger dream – legal casinos in Texas!

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To further clarify our last few blogs about legalized online poker:

  • The first state to legalize forms of online gambling (not counting the lottery etc.) was Nevada, in 2010, followed by the passage of online poker regulations in 2011.  What was exciting about the 2013 bill passed last week was that the state passed legislation making it possible for the governor to enter into agreements or compacts with other states, assuming those states have also legalized poker.
  • The second state to legalize online poker, was in fact, Delaware, in 2012. It doesn’t get a whole lot of attention because of its small population.
  • The third state, as we recently reported, was New Jersey, which passed its online poker and casino games legislation on February 26, 2013. One of the things that makes New Jersey’s bill exciting is its large population and  its close proximity to New York and Philadelphia. The other thing is the confidence of the state; they are already counting possible revenue derived from online gambling in their 2013 budget.

Poker Game at the MancaveTo be clear, we are in full support of legal online poker. It will provide an enormous revenue stream to the states that provide players the opportunity to gamble online . . . and it’s a lot of fun around midnight when you’re looking for some action. But in our minds there is still nothing like the excitement and camaraderie of live poker games. Hopefully, we can all have both.

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