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Super_Bowl_XLVII_logoOK, everyone. We have the teams for the 47th Super Bowl. As you probably know, they are the San Francisco 49ers vs the Baltimore Ravens. Now that all the cards are on the table, the question remains; who will be the ultimate Super Bowl XLVII Champions? Will it be Joe Flacco strong arming it all the way home or will Colin Kaepernick blast it through.

Among all of you who put in your predictions, unfortunately there is only one whose prediction is still in the running for $100 worth of poker gifts from the Texas Poker Store. Jim Slater predicted the two contenders: 49ers vs Ravens. We’ll see if he’s right with his final prediction of a 49ers win on February 3, 2013.

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Super_Bowl_XLVII_logoThis Sunday, the Atlanta Falcons will host the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game, with each team vying for a spot in the biggest game of all: the Super Bowl. I put all my poker chips on the 49ers, so it will be interesting to see how they do on the road after their win at home against the Pack last week.

Then it will be the AFC’s turn, with the New England Patriots hosting the Baltimore Ravens in Foxboro. The Patriots are the favorites according to the odds-makers, but the Ravens may be the emotional favorites, especially with the inspiring return of Ray Lewis.

Be the first to predict the winners and the Super Bowl Champ and you’ll win $100 worth of retail merchandise from the Texas Poker Store. Providing, of course, that somebody hasn’t already predicted the competing teams and ultimate winners . And for $100 you can get some pretty cool poker gifts.

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Super_Bowl_XLVII_logoFor those of you (like me, for instance) who predicted that Denver would be in the Super Bowl, looks like your chance of winning the $200 gift prize is over. But, you can still compete for the $100 prize after the divisional games are over Sunday night. If no one wins the $200 prize, our $100 winner will be the first person to predict the two teams and the Super Bowl Champs out of the remaining four teams and prior to 1-20-13. If you really want to go against the odds, make your predictions now – if you’re right, you will have a great chance of being first! You can get some cool poker gifts from the Texas Poker Store with a $100.

All predictions must comply to our simple contest rules and must be made by clicking here

The excitement is mounting to a fever pitch for the upcoming Texas A&M Aggies football game against the University of Florida Gators. The Aggies had their first game, scheduled against LA Tech, postponed because of Hurricane Isaac, so this is their first game, period, much less their first-ever game in the SEC.

This will be the first start for Aggie freshman quarterback, Johnny Manziel, as well as the first start for Florida’s quarterback, Driskell, although he saw some quality playing time in their season opener.  But until we actually see the Aggies on the gridiron, no one, including Coach Sumlin, the Aggie coaches, the players or the fans can know how the team will play on game day.  So far, the only players they’ve faced are themselves in practices and scrimmages. On September 8, we’ll all have a much better idea of what the Aggies season will be like.

Texas A&M University Logo Framed MirrorIf you think you have an idea, be the first to predict the closest score for the Aggie-UF game and win one of these great poker gifts – a  Texas A&M University Logo Framed Mirror with our retail value of $56.00 (normally $89.99) shipped for free directly to you, anywhere in the continental US or  an NCAA Division I team mirror of your choice that’s  in stock.  Just leave us your prediction by clicking on the “leave us your comments” link below and we will notify you if you’re the winner!

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