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Pocket Bullets ParisJim “Pocket Bullets” Paris

The newest $10,300 Buy-In Super MILLION$ High Rollers GGPoker champion is Darren Elias. Now that is the way to start a new year, especially this year after such a miserable 2020.

Darren EliasElias started out this year by winning the much anticipated online poker tourney and taking home a very sweet $448,842.34 after going head to head with Niklas Astedt. Although he was way behind Astedt and you would expect that Astedt would walk away with it all, it just was not meant to be.

The final hand saw Astedt raised 700,000 and Elias jammed for 12,078,400 which Astedt snap called and turned over pocket Queens against Elias’s Ace-Seven. Cards were in Elias favor as the turn dropped an Ace giving him the pot and the championship. Way to start 2021, Darren!

So even though it’s been a difficult time for the last 12 months or so, this proves that you can still play and win a fortune playing poker online. So check out the Texas Poker Store to pick up all your poker supplies to practice with.

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Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

Many of you may have already received our Newsletter and therefore you know that there are changes coming to the Texas Poker Store. As we wrote, we have been working hard behind the scenes to redesign the Texas Poker Store website, blog, Facebook, Linkedn, Pinterest and all our social sites. We wanted to give everyone, our customers, friends, fellow poker players, blog readers, and Facebook fans a “heads up” about it before we launch, which will happen within the next couple of weeks.

If you’ve followed us from the beginning, you know that this is just the third time we’ve changed the look and feel of the site. We began four years ago with a rustic-brown, woodsy background color that established the Texas-country theme of the site. It served us well for three years, but in 2014 we decided to break with the “cowboy” look, and made a sudden switch to a black background with vivid red, white and green accent colors, branded with our distinctive logo and logotype. We wanted the site to incorporate what seemed to be considered poker-friendly colors and design elements and we’ve maintained that look for the store, our blog and our social media sites for the past year.

Now, however, with the TPS brand well-established and the store experiencing such tremendous success (thanks to all of you) we have finally come up with a look that reflects our own design aesthetic. What you will see when the site is launched is a contemporary, easy-on-the-eyes site in cooling shades of aqua and teal, or as the paint chips call it in the sample books, “sea spray,” with some additional accent colors. It has all the same functionality and straight-forward navigation as ever . . . and of course, the same great products and incredible customer service that we’re known for. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Texas Poker Store New Site Design Sneak Peek

However none of that is going to stop us from our blogging, and of course, now that college football season is upon us, we will once again focus on predicting the final score of all Aggie SEC games, combining our passion for the Texas A&M football team with our love of poker, and awarding our much-coveted prizes for the fan who predicts the winner of each game by the closest score.. Stayed tuned for that!

For all you poker players of the world, remember there’s a lot of money to be made out there and we are here to help you get your share by offering all the poker supplies you need to practice and master your skills. Even if you don’t amass a fortune, you’ll have a great time at the tables.

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Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

The Texas Poker Store (TPS) is not just about the poker supplies and accessories we have provided to our customers for the last three years. We’re also about being friendly, and we’re always ready to chat with our customers or help them with their questions, concerns, or requests.

A couple of days ago, we got a call from a very satisfied customer. He had purchased our TPS tournament package pictured below and called to express how pleased he was that what he received looked exactly like it did on our website. He was clearly a beginner at poker, so he wanted to know where he could get some information on how to play Texas Hold’em. TPS Tournament Packages

Apparently, he had only looked at our products, so we helped him to scroll down the navigation menu to find one of our many links to other content, including the link to Poker Game Rules. And then, we took some extra time to read through the rules of Hold ‘Em with him, who by then, was a more than satisfied customer.

In today’s world of automated customer support, I guess that kind of one-on-one service surprises some people. But that’s the way we like to do it at TPS; it’s how we turn customers into loyal friends and supporters.

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Personally,   “Kid Poker” is my poker hero. It seems to me that every move he makes is carefully calculated to control his opponents’ reactions, and it works so often that I can’t help but admire Mr. Negreanu and his uncanny abilities. Of course,  that’s what earned him the nickname “Kid Poker,”  along with four World Series of Poker bracelets, two World Poker Tour championship titles, and a little bit of cash … more than 15 million dollars to be exact.

Kid Poker can show all us how it’s done at the poker tables. Is this how YOU do it?

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