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Have you ever gotten into what seems to be a never ending tailspin at the poker tables you frequent? Whether online, at your favorite casinos, or even at your local home games, sometimes you could swear that the minute you walk in the “invisible forces” have conspired against you and you are dealt only losing hands. But if you really stopped to think about it, probably it’s more the result of what you are or are not doing … right and wrong. I have a friend in India who was doing very well at all the local games; he had been winning consistently and taking home some sizable amounts, even placing in the top 3 of the IPL – Indian Poker Legend Series. When I spoke to him last week I asked him how his game was. He answered that he was not doing very well and had to rethink his strategies and get back to the basics.

That is good advice for any of us, especially if we are on a losing streak. For me, it meant going back and re-reading the many poker books I have picked up along the way. The one book in particular that has always helped me is “Poker Wizards” by Warwick Dunnett. This book features advice from some of the greatest and best known poker players, many of whom I have watched intently and invested in their books and DVDs.

Whenever I find myself in a losing spiral I always get back to the basics. What do you do? How do you get back to the poker basics? Maybe you should pick up this poker book!

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