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Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

It’s “Predict the Score” time again as the Texas A&M Aggies take on the Arkansas Razorbacks in Dallas at 2:30 CST this coming Saturday. After blowing through their opener against the Gamecocks in South Carolina, thereby shocking the football world, and then rolling over and through Lamar, Rice and SMU, as Billy Liucci of TexAgs recently wrote, “Let the (real) games begin (again).

The Aggies, who have been amazingly good (as in ranked 6th) will now be thoroughly tested by facing Arkansas, #14 Mississippi State in Starkville, #10 Ole Miss at Kyle and finally traveling to #2 Alabama in what many call the toughest 4-game stretch in program history.Texas A&M Aggies vs Arkansas Razorbacks

The Razorbacks are not the same team as they were last season, in case you haven’t been paying attention. They own an SEC-leading rushing attack, with Alex Collins, Jonathan Williams and Korliss Marshall combining for 188 yards on 36 carries. Their QB, Brandon Allen threw for two touchdowns and ran for another. In other words, Arkansas is playing tough, explosive and mad, and the Aggies need to forget about their own 4-0 start and play like they have something to prove.

The Aggies have all the talent in the world, especially on offense. It’s certainly enough to beat the Razorbacks; there’s no doubt about that. But does their much-improved defense have the strength and determination to stop the Hogs’ rushing attack? We’ll see very soon.

Copag Poker CardsWhoever comes the closest to predicting the final score will win a professional set of Copag Peek-Index Poker Cards including a durable, solid carrying case. If there’s a tie, whoever made the correct prediction first is the winner, so you don’t have much time to fool around.

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Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

The next two Aggie football games seem to have a lot in common. In back-to-back weeks they have the exact same schedule . . . they’re playing in Dallas, which means bussing to the Metroplex on Friday and getting to see family and friends from the area. Both games (this Saturday, September 20th against SMU and next Saturday, September 27th against Arkansas) will be played at 2:30 p.m. CST. Both will be attended by tons of Aggie fans, the 12th Man, because so many live in the area or will drive there. And of course, according to Coach Sumlin, the Aggies will prepare for each game in exactly the same way, because that’s what they do!Gig' Em

But that’s where the similarities end. This Saturday, the #6 Texas A&M football team will be facing an 0-2, non-conference, unranked SMU team, whose well-known coach, June Jones just stepped down. The game will be at Ford Stadium, where most estimate that maroon will predominate in the stands. The Mustangs are hurting big time, and this should be another opportunity for a lot of guys on A&M to get some significant playing time and for some slightly injured players to rest their injuries for another week. Look for a blow-out.

Next Saturday, the Ags will be playing Arkansas in a nationally televised conference game, aka the Southwest Classic at ATT&T Stadium. The Razorbacks may not be the best team in the SEC’s western division, but they beat Texas Tech handily and they’re big and strong, SEC-strong and as we all know, anything is possible in SEC football.

The feel of the felt Be sure to check out our next blog when we’ll break down the Arkansas game in preparation for our Predict the Score contest. In the meantime, have fun at the poker tables. Thanks to the 2:30 game times, there’s plenty of time to enjoy football and poker two weekends in a row.

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Pocket Bullets ParisPocket Bullets Paris

Texas A&M Aggies vs SMU MustangsIt’s Game Day and we’re predicting that it will be an easy win for the Aggies today. The Southern Methodist Mustangs QB Garrett Gilbert will be trying to continue his completions lead by hitting his go to receivers Darius Joseph and Jeremy Johnson, but will that be enough to stop the 12th Man? We don’t think so. After all, it’s not a fair competition; remember that SMU has not defeated A&M since 1984.

the Casino X2 Poker Table from The Texas Poker StoreThat makes it a no-brainer for us to go all-in for the Aggies. So we have put away our poker tables and donned our Aggie shirts and are headed to Kyle Field to join the thousands of loyal die-hard Texas A&M fans to cheer for our Texas Fighting Aggies. After all, can anybody stop the Aggie offense? Can anybody prevent Mike Evans from balling or Johnny Manziel from being Johnny? Go Aggies! BTHOsmu!

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With the combination of a gifted and multifaceted offense, led by redshirt freshman, Johnny “Football” Manzeil, and a dominating defense, the Aggie football team had a field day against Southern Methodist, beating them 48-3 in the Aggies’  second game of the season.  Manzeil proved that he can do more than just pose a threat with his legs, throwing the ball accurately down the field, hitting Ryan Swope, Kenric McNeal,  Uzoma Nwachukwu and freshman Mike Evans among others and accounting for 418 total yards and six touchdowns in three quarters. And the defense was imposing, holding the usually high-scorning Mustangs to 3 points and playing with fierce intensity for the entire game. Damontre Moore was a total beast, adding two more sacks to his total of  five after two games.

Was it perfect? No. There are still some penalty problems to work on, and of course, we were playing a non-conference team. But if the Aggies continue to improve at the rate we fans are seeing, we just might do some real damage in the  SEC. There’s certainly a lot to be excited about in Aggieland, and hats off to Sumlin, Snyder, Kingsbury and the rest of the fine coaching crew for making some incredibly positive changes in the Aggie game plan and mind set.

See y’all at Kyle field next Saturday when the Texas A&M Aggies host the South Carolina Bulldogs, I don’t know about you, but my game plan is to put my poker chips on the Aggies, and my mind is set on going all in!

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