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Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

For all of you players who are still faithful to Full Tilt Poker there are some significant news that they have recently released. Sometime earlier this month the company that had so much trouble in the not so distant past announced a complete makeover of its royalty program and created “The Players Club.”

Full Tilt - The Players Club


They say “The Players Club is where good things come to those who play.” Let’s hope so. The Players Club is offering several freerolls including the following:

  • Jackpot Sit & Go Freeroll – You could win a share of up to $100 in the Jackpot Sit & Go. One can be played every day if you’ve played real-money games in the last seven days.
  • Depositor Freerolls – You’re eligible for this one if you make a deposit within the seven days prior to the freerolls and choose to play for a slice of $1,000 at 11:15 ET and 17:15 ET every Sunday
  • Daily Freerolls – Play real-money games to gain entry to daily $200 freerolls at 14:40 ET and 19:40 ET. $0.50 rebuys or add-ons are available in the earlier freeroll.
  • Weekly Freeroll – You could play for a share of $250 by qualifying via one of the 16 Daily Round 1 Freerolls.
  • Coin Freerolls – With this one up to 500 Coins can be won during the six daily Coin Freerolls. But you must play real money games on the day of the freeroll to gain entry.

There will also be the Weekly Windfall flip freeroll with a special mini-game called The Deal. Then there will be  Club Tournaments running twice a day; you can check the details at their website. However, what caught my interest more than all the others was “The Players Club Party.” Because who doesn’t a good party? And for these parties, Full Till has gone all out to keep you, and me, very interested. Here are some details:

To celebrate the launch of the new Players Club, Full Tilt is seeding the progressive jackpot of The Deal with $100,000. Anyone who completes one of the weekly challenges is registered for a $10K Players Club Party Flip Freeroll on the following Tuesday where two lucky players (and up to five friends) win an all-inclusive holiday that includes flights, accommodation and a $5,000 party!

The party destinations are:

  • Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, Thailand
  • Closing Parties in Ibiza, Spain
  • Airwaves Festival in Reykjavik, Iceland
  • All-inclusive 5-Star stay in Mexico
  • Luxury Caribbean getaway to Barbados

The only catch is, as mentioned above, that you must first enter and complete one of the following weekly challenges to be eligible for the $10k Players Club Party.

Week Dates Challenge
Week 1       Aug 18-23 Play two or more hands of The Deal
Week 2 Aug 24-30 Qualify for any Weekly Windfall prize
Week 3 Aug 31-Sept 6     Play two or more Jackpot Sit & Go Freeroll tournaments
Week 4 Sept 7-14 Play two or more Club Tournaments

So, bottom line, you can’t party if you don’t play. Go check it out at Full Tilt and maybe we might catch up with each other at the poker tables in Barbados or maybe in Ibiza. Good luck.

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Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

The final shoot-out to reach and become a part of the Final Nine players in the 45th Annual World Series of Poker $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em Main Event  finished in style around 2:00 a.m. this morning.  These guys are all that remains of the massive field of 6,683 players. Congratulations to all.

The seat assignment for these guys is as follows:

Seat 1 – “Billy Pappas” Pappaconstantinou – 17,500,000 – 29-year-old from Lowell, Massachusetts, who is playing for the first time ever in the WSOP Main Event.

Seat 2 – Felix Stephensen – 32,775,000 – 23-year-old from Oslo, Norway. Although he has never cashed at the WSOP, this is his second year in a row playing in the Main Event.

Seat 3 – Jorryt van Hoof – 38,375,000 – 31-year-old from Eindhoven, Netherlands. van Hoof  has three previous WSOP cashes but has never cashed in the Main Event. He enters this final table as the chip leader with 19% + of chips in play.

Seat 4 – Mark Newhouse – 26,000,000 – 29-year-old now from Las Vegas, Nevada, has the distinct honor of becoming the first-ever November Niner to make back-to-back WSOP Main Event final tables. Newhouse finished in 9th place in 2013, collecting $733,224. He has eight previous WSOP cashes and has a total of live poker tournament winnings of $2,776,172.

Seat 5 – Andoni Larrabe – 22,550,000 – 22-year-old from Basque, Spain, is the youngest player remaining in the field. Larrabe only has three previous WSOP cashes and this is his second year in a row playing in the Main Event.

Seat 6 – William Tonking – 15,050,000 – 27-year-old from Flemington, New Jersey. Tonking came into this Main Event with three previous WSOP cashes but this is his first time to cash in the Main Event.

Seat 7 – Daniel Sindelar – 21,200,000 – 30-year-old from Columbus, Nebraska, comes into this Main Event with 17 previous WSOP cashes but, although he has played the Main Event every year for the past six years this marks his first time to cash in any of them. He has played a total of 19 WSOP events this summer.

Seat 8 – Martin Jacobson – 14,900,000 – 27-year-old originally from Stockholm, Sweden. Enters this event with over a million in WSOP cashes ($1,224,706 – 15 total cashes). Jacobson finished in 6th place during last year’s $111,111 One Drop High Roller event and earned $807,42,000.  However, this is the first time he has cashed in the WSOP Main Event.

Seat 9 – Bruno Politano – 12,125,000 – 31-year-old from Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil. Politano is the first Brazilian ever to make the WSOP Main Event final table. He entered ten events this year and has cashed in three of them including this Main Event. He enters by the skin of his teeth with the shortest stack.

2014 WSOP November NinerThis year the total payouts will be:
1st place: $10,000,000
2nd place: $5,145,968
3rd place: $3,806,402
4th place: $2,848,833
5th place: $2,143,174
6th place: $1,622,080
7th place: $1,235,862
8th place: $947,077
9th place: $730,725

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