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Hector FunesChris FarrarEvery month the Texas Poker Store has been giving away some great prizes to our fans and customers who have thrown their bids, photos, or predictions into the mix of our diverse contests. There was Hector Funes who won our monthly “Click It To Win It” campaign, as did Tyler Miller and  Keith Hayes; Macy Soudellia, who won our predict the score for Super Bowl XLVII,  and most recently Dr. Matthew Greene who won our June Photo contest with his “Two Pairs” photo. Chris Farrar won a beautiful set of poker chips for his prediction on the outcome of the Aggies vs Razorbacks game, and Francisco Navarro was another Predict the Score winner. There were lots more winners, too.Keith HayesDr. Matthew Greene

Now the question is; Are you a winner? Do you feel lucky? Well, you can’t win if you don’t enter the race. Right now we have three separate contests going. We still have our “Photo Contest.” Even though the July winner is all but assured, there is still another month to try to win the August Best Photo contest. Every month there is the “Click It To Win It” campaign and from now through the first of November there is our “Predict the 2013 WSOP Champion”  and the Heads-up 2nd place winner. Your prediction could net you up to $200 in Texas Poker Store merchandise. Just go to “Predict the Champion” tab on our Facebook page or click here . Remember you will not win if you do not enter the race, so don’t be left behind. Do it now.

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Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl XLVII

One more day before the Ravens meet the 49ers for the final battle to win the bragging rights, the  rings, the trophy . . . and the Super Bowl Championship? Will it be Joe Flacco or Colin Kaepernick? Will Kaepernick pull the ball down and rush as he did so often during the playoffs or will he stay in the pocket and throw those bullets that are so consistently on target? What about Flacco’s ability to brush off defenders and make those strong passes? Both QBs are big and strong, accurate and fast so who do you think will take home all the marbles?

You have one more day to cast your predictions to win a deck of Texas Hold em poker Copag playing cards. Don’t delay; you must enter your prediction before the start of the game tomorrow, February 3 at 6:30 pm ET. Whoever comes closest first will win a deck of Texas Hold em poker Copag playing cards. So get your final score predictions in now!

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Super Bowl XLVIIThis coming Sunday, February 3, the Baltimore Ravens will meet the San Francisco 49ers on the Gridiron of Super Bowl XLVII. Originally, we had asked you to predict who would be the last two teams standing and who would be the ultimate Super Bowl XLVII Champions to win a prize worth $200. However, since all predictions made prior to the NFC-AFC Playoffs included either Denver or New England in the Super Bowl, to say nothing of all the predictions of teams that never made it past the divisional playoffs , no one was eligible for the $200 prize..

We gave you a second chance after the playoffs to win a $100 prize. Unfortunately, only one of you correctly predicted that the 49ers would battle the Ravens and further predicted that San Francisco would take home the trophy.. We will see…and if you’re right, we will gladly reward you with the prize of $100 worth of Texas Poker Store merchandise.

Copag peek-index poker cardsIn the meantime, for all you football fans and poker lovers who still want to get in on the action, we are going to give you yet another chance.Predict the final score of the game before the game starts and whoever comes closest first will win a deck of  Texas Hold em poker Copag playing cards. So get your final score predictions in now!

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Texas Poker Store is putting up a $200 gift prize for 2013 Super Bowl predictions. Enter the two teams you predict will play in the Super Bowl, and pick the winner, for a chance at taking home a retail valued prize of up to $200 applicable to any product in stock. Predictions must be made  prior to the divisional games on January 12-13. The first person, based on the time of their prediction, who accurately chooses the two teams contending for the title and picks the Super Bowl Champs will be declared the winner of the $200 gift prize. (The winner, naturally, will be determined after the Super Bowl!)

If you’re not sure, you can wait until after the divisional games and make your prediction before the AFC and NFC championship games on January 20, 2013, the odds are far more favorable, but of course, the reward is less, with the prize going down to $100 worth of retail merchandise from the Texas Poker Store.

Either way you choose to make your prediction, if you’re declared the winner you will be able to choose anything you need (up to the value of your winnings) from our in-stock inventory. Choose from a wide selection of poker chips, poker cards or whatever else you may want.

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