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vinny-with-shades2Confessions of a Grinder

In Poker, some days you’re the bug, some days, the windshield. It’s a game of ups and downs. Until last week, I went through a lean patch for about three weeks. Ace on the flop 14 times in a row, after three-betting big with KK.—AA & QQ beat in several huge pots—busted sets and flopped straights, and more. The trick at this point of time is to tighten up your screws, take time out to enjoy with friends and shake off all the tilt. Remember, lose less, win more. This week, I managed to turn tables out of grit, patience, and reads based on player profiling. It has been a great week so far, and I hope to continue crushing the games until the end of this month. I made several good calls—one, with AK high on the river against a huge bet, and two with bottom paired bluff catchers. Keenly observing my tables and making ‘mind-notes’; I focused on every action of my opponent and every aspect of his body language with a focused eye, like the eye of a tiger about to pounce on his prey.

survivorIronically, the band Survivor, popular for ‘Eye of the Tiger’, the Rocky soundtrack, ‘The Moment of Truth’, the Karate Kid soundtrack, and radio hits like High on You, Rockin’ into the Night, and Burning Heart, played the same weekend at Hollywood Columbus. For people with a passion for good music, the feeling of attending a rock concert is no different than the feeling experienced by a devout Christian when he attends Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve at the Church of the Nativity. Exactly the feeling I experienced, after watching Survivor. Pardon my French but they kicked ass, not in a ‘heavy-metal-hard-rock-hell-yeah-head-bangers-ball’ way, but rather in a ‘take-you-straight-to-school’ and an ‘elysian-feel’ way.

Growing up in India, I dreamed of seeing bands that I grew up listening to, all of which fall under the 80s rock genre.  I did see most of these bands at two Rocklahoma concerts, and tons of other local concerts. There were a few bands left out from that genre, and Survivor was one of them. Last night, I thought I would seal the deal with just another 80s band that I love, but that’s the last thing they came across as. Just another band? Hell No! They were outstanding, full of energy and passion, and fresh as dew—Rock Warriors in today’s abysmally cacophonous and auto-tuned era of electronic garbage, techno-trance fiasco, hip-hop, and other forms of musical atrocity. Jimi Jamison’s high-pitch vocals with an inexplicable feel, lyrics that touch the heart, powerful back-ups from the entire band,  groovy bass and drums, driving riffs—on both keyboard and guitar, and incredible guitar solos. This is Survivor. A statement made out to today’s namby-pamby world of fancy, of zoocracy, and of cheap dispassionate norms. We are Survivor. We still rock your world; go out on the front lines and sing to liberate, and until we breathe our last, we will survive. Hats off!

After watching Survivor, I was inspired to go back to the poker tables with the focused intensity of a tiger and survived everything that came my way. Again hats off to Survivor and maintaining the Eye of The Tiger!

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Survivor Daniel Negreanu???Today my wife, who’s an avid fan of “Survivor” (okay, I watch it with her occasionally) showed me an article in Poker News that caught her attention. It seems that one of her favorite poker players, Daniel Negreanu, has expressed an interest in being on the hit show. And, he admits that he would receive some good coaching from his friend, and one of the all-time best “Survivor” players, “Boston” Rob Mariano.  He also revealed a small part of his strategy by telling Poker News that he imagines some of the other players might recognize him. That’s usually the kiss of death for a contestant on “Survivor;” you never want anyone else to know that you’re wealthy and don’t need the money. But Negreanu said that letting his competition know he has money would be part of his game plan. TPSchipsSounds like a poker player. There’s only one catch, and that involves getting his U.S. citizenship. But if Negreanu wants it badly enough, I’d put all my custom poker chips on him right now.

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