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At the 10th anniversary of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure held at the Atlantis Resort and Casino, on Paradise Island in The Bahamas, Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst became the 2013 PCA High Roller Champion!  She shipped the $25,500 High Roller event and racked up $1,424,420 for her victory, making her the highest-earning female poker player of all time. She is also 40th in the all-time money list.

If you want to compete at these kind of events you better sharpen your poker skills. Practice, practice, practice. Play thousands of poker hands, watch all the poker videos and read all the Texas Hold em poker books you can get your hands on. Maybe, just maybe we will see you next year at the 11th anniversary of the PCA.


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In this, the last in the series of the Great Dane’s poker lessons, we start of with a recap about trapping before we hear about the biggest lesson of all, especially for when you’re playing no-limit hold ’em, which is gaining information. Hansen talks a lot about being aggressive, because that’s how you can best find out what your opponents are holding. Force others to react to you rather than being the one who has to react to others, is his advice. Also, try to change your approach often, as Hansen does, so no one can predict what you’re going to do. Mix it up; you never want your opponents to be able to say, “that’s what he always does.”

Hansen is not always easy to listen to, but he makes some terrific points about poker playing, and he definitely knows what he’s talking about.

Hope these lessons have helped you improve your game. We also suggest you pick up some books, especially any texas hold em poker book from the Texas Poker Store. Our playing has improved a thousand percent since watching these videos and reading these books; yours will too.

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After Ray Mecs with Ah-2h and Scott Wilson with Ac-8h call, we see Matt Damon holding 10d-6h playing from the small blind position, also making the call as Ben Affleck watches on. Next Eric Seidel with a Kh-9s checks his option bringing 4 to the flop. The flop gives Matt a “Movie Star Flop” showing a 10c – 10h – 6c . . . giving him the nuts with a full house. He purses his lips, makes a few attempts at looking unsure, and then checks.  Everybody checks. The turn is an 8 pairing up Wilson. Matt checks; Seidel checks; Wilson bets.

Matt shows some pretty bad acting skills trying to appear nervous and barely makes the call. Seidel folds; Mecs folds. Nothing can help Wilson, but Matt checks after the river card, hoping to trap Wilson. It doesn’t work; Wilson sees through the bad acting and just checks.

If Matt had read a little more of the Texas Hold Em poker book he may have played this one a little differently.

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