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The next two Aggie football games seem to have a lot in common. In back-to-back weeks they have the exact same schedule . . . they’re playing in Dallas, which means bussing to the Metroplex on Friday and getting to see family and friends from the area. Both games (this Saturday, September 20th against SMU and next Saturday, September 27th against Arkansas) will be played at 2:30 p.m. CST. Both will be attended by tons of Aggie fans, the 12th Man, because so many live in the area or will drive there. And of course, according to Coach Sumlin, the Aggies will prepare for each game in exactly the same way, because that’s what they do!Gig' Em

But that’s where the similarities end. This Saturday, the #6 Texas A&M football team will be facing an 0-2, non-conference, unranked SMU team, whose well-known coach, June Jones just stepped down. The game will be at Ford Stadium, where most estimate that maroon will predominate in the stands. The Mustangs are hurting big time, and this should be another opportunity for a lot of guys on A&M to get some significant playing time and for some slightly injured players to rest their injuries for another week. Look for a blow-out.

Next Saturday, the Ags will be playing Arkansas in a nationally televised conference game, aka the Southwest Classic at ATT&T Stadium. The Razorbacks may not be the best team in the SEC’s western division, but they beat Texas Tech handily and they’re big and strong, SEC-strong and as we all know, anything is possible in SEC football.

The feel of the felt Be sure to check out our next blog when we’ll break down the Arkansas game in preparation for our Predict the Score contest. In the meantime, have fun at the poker tables. Thanks to the 2:30 game times, there’s plenty of time to enjoy football and poker two weekends in a row.

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We’re not just Poker lovers. We also love football, and last night we took a break to watch our favorite team the “Fightin’ Texas Aggie Football Team”  defeat their long-time rivals, the “Red Raiders” of Texas Tech 45 to 40. Whoop!

It was a nail-biter, and it certainly wasn’t pretty, but the Ags prevailed, mainly because they stayed tough for all 4 quarters, stayed with their highly effective running game and made very few mistakes.There were plenty of players who came up big and left it out on the field, but the play that punched the second half curse in the stomach was Dustin Harris’ HUGE blocked punt and T-Fred taking advantage to run that ball in for a TD. The Ags finally had reason to celebrate in their locker room at the end of the game, and can now go into their game against Baylor and RG III at Kyle remembering how great it feels to win.

On our blog on Friday we announced that whoever predicted the score closest to the final score would be awarded a Texas A&M Game Room mirror and we had all kinds of predictions. The one who came closest was Vergel Gay, whose prediction was 41 A&M – 39 TTU. Congratulations, Mr. Gay! We will ship out your chosen prize . . . as soon as we determine that there were no manipulations like the ones we’ve all seen in the Buffalo Wild Wings commercials like the one featured below.

After a great football game there is nothing better than a good poker game with your friends. Maybe for our upcoming contest we will offer some poker chips for your next poker game.

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Yesterday, Gabe Bock and Billy Liucci welcomed Texas A&M vice president of marketing & communications, Jason Cook, to TexAgs Radio to discuss the various aspects of the Aggies’ move to the SEC. Cook admitted that this carefully strategized move has consumed about 98% of his time over the last couple of months, in order to ensure that Texas A&M could maximize the opportunity of now being in the Southeastern Conference; the greatest athletic conference in America.

However, based on the Aggies’ last two games, the first against Big 12 rival Oklahoma State and the second against their eventual SEC rival, Arkansas, the Aggies showed that they could kick butt during the first half of both games only to fall apart during the second half. Both games had meltdowns of epic proportions, making the Aggies fall from a possible top 5 ranking to 25 . . . a fall from grace and national relevance. At this point, all I can say is that they better rethink their strategy for the second half if they want to to be serious contenders for the remainder of this year, much less when they begin to play in the SEC next year. To that end, I hope that whatever needed fixing got fixed, so that they can not only do well in the first half, but also show up to play fanatical football in the second half against the Red Raiders.

By now you all know that we’ve been running contests to get your predictions for the final scores between Texas A&M and its opponents. With that said, remember that whoever comes closest to predicting the final score of tomorrow’s game between Texas A&M and Texas Tech will receive one of these great poker gifts — a Texas A&M Game Room Mirror with a retail value of $51.30 shipped for free directly to you anywhere in the continental US. Or, you may select any product of equal value or less. Follow the directions below and we will accommodate your wishes.  Just leave us your prediction by clicking on the “leave us your comments” link below and we will get in touch with you. By the way, two weeks ago we only had one player go with OSU, so he was the automatic winner.
Gig ‘Em Ags!

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