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Texas Poker StoreBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

While my partner in crime, and all else, Queen of Hearts Paris takes a small break from blogging about all the excitement going on right now with the GPL (Global Poker League), I thought I would jump in here and give you an update on the 2016 WSOP (World Series of Poker) which is due to start in just over two weeks from now, on May 31 and will run (as usual) to July 18, 2016 and then back  in November for the  battle of the year; the November Nine Final Table. I know that we’re ready, are you?Jim "Pocket Bullets" Paris

Many of you know that I journey to Las Vegas every year to check out all the action that will eventually lead to the Main Event’s final nine players by the middle of July. I’m sure some of you might see me this year at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino.

Every year’s WSOP has never been short on excitement, battles have been fought at every event, each and every player hoping to grab the gold ring, in their case the coveted WSOP Gold Bracelet.

Daniel Negreanu with Jim ParisDuring my annual journey to the WSOP I have met a lot of the professional players while enjoying their game, and even tried reading their tells (if any) at the poker tables. Last year’s road to the final table of the Main Event featured some familiar faces, some of which I was able to meet and even had time to hang with for a brief time.

During a very short break I met Daniel Negreanu and had just enough time to compliment him and unashamedly confess that he was our favorite player. I told him that I had just written and published my memoirs as a Rock and Roll producer in a past lifetime and asked if he would mind snapping a quick photo of us together with him holding my book  “Them Changes.”

Max Steinberg with Jim ParisI also had the privilege of briefly meeting Max Steinberg,  who was and is not only a great player but a total gentleman. He not only made it to the Final Nine but actually took 4th place at the November Nine Final Table and walked away with a fat check in the amount of $2,615,361.

Phil Hellmuth with Jim ParisThere have been a lot of players whom I have studied all through the years, read their books, watched their instructional videos, but few are as intense as Phil “The Poker Brat” Hellmuth. And, indeed, he may be “The Poker Brat” for his temperamental personality. But after winning 14 WSOP gold bracelets I think anyone could easily turn into some form of spoiled brat.

And now it’s that time of the year again, when amateur and professional players prepare for the ultimate poker battle, the 2016 World Series of Poker. Good luck y’all, hope to see you there.

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Texas Poker StoreBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

There are times when events come together in a synchronous way that can surprise even an old poker player like me. Take the other day when I was at the doctor’s office. As I took off my jacket, an elderly woman in the waiting room got a look at the 44th Annual WSOP t-shirt I was wearing and exclaimed, “Oh my goodness. I LOVE poker! Were you actually there?”

She was probably the last person I would have imagined would react like that, but then again, poker is something that transcends age. At any rate, I told her that I had indeed attended the last three World Series of Poker Main Event play down to the Final Nine in Vegas.

At around that point, the nurse who’d come to call in the next patient overheard us and asked me if I’d mind posing for a picture, with my shirt prominently displayed of course, so she could show it to her husband, adding that they love to play Texas Hold ‘Em and that they follow the WSOP TV coverage every year. My elderly woman friend agreed, and her enthusiasm got to me. So I pulled out my cell to show her some pictures I’d taken sitting on the rail at the main table last November. I was sitting behind Daniel Negreneau, my favorite poker star, who she not only recognized but told me was her all-time favorite, too.

Daniel Negreanu and me discussing my Rock n Roll Memoirs "Them Changes"There was no way I could resist. I flipped to one of my prized photos, the one of me standing with “Kid Poker” as he held a copy of my recently published rock and roll memoirs, “Them Changes.” The woman was obviously star-struck, and after asking me the name of my book and promising to buy it on Amazon, it was time for me to go into the doctor’s office. As luck would have it, however, we found ourselves going down in the elevator together about a half-hour later. I told her that if she waited right in front of the office I’d be right back, went to my car and got out a copy of my book from the back seat. When I brought it over to her she was genuinely thrilled . . . and asked me to sign it “To Faye . . .”

Oh yeah, she disclosed her age to me and indeed, age is not a factor when it comes to loving poker … I wish her the best of luck at the tables  and smiled all the way home.

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Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

Live fom the Rio Hotel and Casino where I’ve been hanging for the last three days watching all the action from the rails at the feature table. Although I’ve been frustrated at the fact that because of technical difficulties I haven’t been able to blog my reports to y’all, I will say that thus far I’ve had a great time hanging with some old and some new friends. On my first full day, I had a delicious lunch with our old keyboard player on the Buddy Miles band, L.D. Dixon and his lovely wife, Judy. They showed some real estate around Vegas in case we considered moving … don’t think so. I also had a great brunch the next day with Neil Merryweather and we reminisced about the times we spent together while they recorded “Out For Blood” with Lita Ford. I then dragged him with me to the Rio to hang out at the Feature Table.

Daniel NegreanuI met Daniel Negreanu, who as of this writing is still playing strong at the feature table, hanging in at number 21 with approximately 3.7 million in chips. He graciously agreed to take this photo promoting my Rock and Roll memoirs “Them Changes.”

Currently there are still 37 players holding on with Negreanu hanging tight in number 13 spot with almost 7 million in chips, and the only woman, Kelly Minkin, still standing in number 8 spot holding about8.5 million in chips.

I’ll try to write more if I don’t run  into technical issues again. Tomorrow they’ll play to see who makes it to the final table.

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