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Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

It’s the first of January, 2015. Unbelievable. Almost everyone seems to agree that 2014 went by very quickly and most are also glad that it’s over. We’re ready for 2015, are you?

On the other hand, it was a pretty good year for the poker world, with the World Series of Poker winners taking home record prize money. It was also a good year for The Texas Poker Store, as interest in playing poker and poker-related supplies continues to grow. We have some big plans for the new year in terms of expanding our product line and offering y’all some amazing deals which we can’t wait to share with you. We will also be running some more contests for chances to win great prizes; we know everyone enjoys those.

Of course, it will be a long eight or nine months until the next Texas A&M football season, which most of you know is our other passion. It was an up and down year for the Aggies, and the first year we’ve ever had contest winners who bet against our favorite team. Fortunately, we ended the season with a victory in the Liberty Bowl against West Virginia and a tantalizing glimpse of what is to come in terms of our talented young players. Then, in a HUGE “get” for the team and the 12th Man, Kevin Sumlin managed to lure John Chavis away from LSU to be our new defensive coordinator. We’re talking Wrecking Crew potential, folks, so we’re all very excited.Texas Poker Store Tournament Package

So bring on 2015; we will get into some poker tournaments while we wait for football season to begin in August.

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Vinny at the Indian Poker Legends TournamentConfessions of a Grinder

Almost Heaven, West Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River’ –  this household classic by the great John Denver, speaks of the beautiful country roads of West Virginia. I have driven through the most beautiful mountain ranges in western India, beach side alleys under the Californian and Floridian sun, flat plains through Texan ranches, and the heart of metropolitan Mumbai, San Francisco, Chicago and DC, but never have I experienced such an inexplicable charm, as I do, while driving through the haunting mountains of West Virginia. I just got back yesterday from Salisbury, NC, after spending a couple of days with my first poker buddy Eric Diguglielmo, and his five-year-old son Jacob. Eric, who kindled my interest in this game in 2010, has some interesting poker insights and stories at the poker tables, including his big jackpot win at Atlantic City, New Jersey, back in the day.bluffin-scene1

We also drove to Charlotte to eat at the famous Penguin Drive-in. At the back of my mind, I was freaking out. I was scared of losing my way, and being eaten by inbred cannibals, like the movie Wrong Turn. However, the time spent with Eric and Jacob, North Carolina barbeque, beautiful Appalachian Mountains, and the charm of simple country life certified that this indeed was the right turn!

West Virginia is not something to die for, but definitely to drive for.

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