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Lynn "Queen of Hearts" ParisLynn “Queen of Hearts” Paris

It’s the beginning of summer which means one thing to poker fans: The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is back!

The 48th annual World Series of Poker, officially beginning today, May 31, at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, promises to be bigger and better than ever, including eight new bracelet events.

Most importantly for poker fans, the WSOP Main Event will be televised live on ESPN starting on Day 1A (July8) and continuing until July 22 when they crown the winner of the 2017 WSOP Championship.

The Texas Poker Store HAD to do something. . .  so we are launching our own 2017 WSOP/TPS Championship Game. But our Championship Game is all about YOU!

There are 2 ways to play our game and score big!

    1. Whitney showing us some loveIf you plan to attend the WSOP for even a day, do what our beautiful model is doing. Take a selfie, photo or brief video that demonstrates where you are . . . and then find a clever way to display these three little words: Texas Poker Store.  Hold up a hand-made sign, write it on a napkin with a sharpie, print it on your hat or simply say “I love the TEXAS POKER STORE” on video and submit it to me at Do that to score $200 off of any poker table in our store!
    2. If you can’t attend the WSOP in person, do not despair. With the Main Event on live TV and streaming on, simply follow the same instructions against the backdrop of the WSOP playing on your T.V., computer, tablet or phone, submit to me and score $100 off any poker table from the Texas Poker Store.Poker Tables from the Texas Poker Store

The qualifying entries will be announced at the end July and posted on our Facebook page and everyone will be sent an email notification.

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Texas Poker StoreBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

So here we are again – Bowl games and New Year’s Eve. It’s hard to believe another year has passed at the speed of light, we have played a lot of poker hands, watched a lot  of football games, played a lot of music and now are ending the year with our favorite college football team, the Fighting Texas A&M Aggies going up against the Louisville Cardinals in the Music City Bowl in Nashville.  Music City Bowl

What Aggie fans are hoping for is a fourth straight Bowl win under Kevin Sumlin, basing their hopes primarily on Myles Garrett and Daeshon Hall’s ability to sack the QB and dominate the Louisville offense. On the other hand, the Cardinals’ D has been extremely tough against opposing offenses, and the Aggie offensive line has had plenty of trouble with less talented teams. Add to that the fact that Jake Hubenak, A&M quarterback, will be making his first career start . . . in a Bowl game.  Hubenak, however, has a strong, accurate arm and if the Ags get Tra Carson running the rock early and then let Hubenak choose his receiver, we are betting on the Aggies winning this match-up in a close game. We don’t have much longer to wait; the game is on in less than an hour!

Then, tomorrow night it will be New Year’s Eve. Unbelievable. We’re going to stay home and enjoy a quiet poker game among friends as we usher in 2016. Happy New Year to all!

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Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

Because we recently posted a blog about a poker player who seemed to be the luckiest man ever  (January 16th),  we thought it only fair to present the other side of the coin, the unluckiest man. Or at the very least one of the unluckiest players ever to sit in on a game.

This happened at the 2010 World Series Of Poker and we would bet that Matt Affleck will never forget this crazy bad beat. After the other players had folded, it was heads up between Jonathan Duhamel, 22, and Matt Affleck, 23.

Affleck was sitting pretty with pocket aces. Duhamel had pocket jacks. The flop showed the T♦9♣7♥, and the turn a Q♦. Naturally, Affleck shoved all in. Duhamel took his time, but he eventually called . . . two jacks was worth a call. Instead, Duhamel hit the 8♦ on the river, giving him a straight to the Jack. He raked in a pot worth 42 million tournament chips.

Affleck, who was visibly stunned, dropped his head into his hands to hide his tears. You can see his reaction in the video below. He eventually got up and wandered around the casino in a daze, probably wondering if he was the unluckiest man ever to sit at a poker table. Duhamel went on to win all the marbles at the 2010 WSOP Main Event, along with a nice little paycheck of almost nine million dollars.

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Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

It seems to me that when asking for advice on how to play your best poker from poker communities around the world, everyone always has their own tips that are sure to help you walk away from the poker table a winner more often than a loser.

Here are a few of our favorite tips that we have culled from friends who have often made final tables at the WSOP and other poker events around the world:

Pocket Bullets Paris at the WSOPKeep your eyes on your opponents: Always watch the other players at your table, even when you are no longer in the hand. Watch closely how they bet, their table talk, body language and other physical “tells” that may give you clues to their hole cards and how they will play them in the next hand.

Don’t rush to check your hole cards: Watch the other players first;  most of them will check their hole cards as soon as they get them and many of them will react to what they got in a way that may tell you if they have a strong hand or not. When you do look at your cards try not to react at all.

You shouldn’t play every hand: Always be ready to fold when you know your hand is weak; don’t try to improve a weak hand. If it is obvious that you can be beaten easily be ready to give it up no matter how good your hole cards may be. Give it up even if you have already contributed to the pot.

Be cautious when bluffing: Don’t bluff just for the thrill of bluffing and definitely don’t bluff just to keep yourself from folding all the time. Always fold if you have to and only bluff sparingly and strategically. Remember that bluffing can only work in certain situations and only against certain players. If your opponent always calls everything it’s best not to try to bluff him.

Never play when you are on tilt: Don’t play when you’re mad, or tired, drunk or wasted. If you’re upset about anything, you’ll start playing emotionally, not rationally, and all your opponents will pick up on that and walk all over you easily. Walk away if you lose your cool.

And one of our favorite players at the WSOP Main Event had these words of wisdom:

He said: I hate playing with loud-mouths and show-offs and I can’t stand a sore loser. When you win you should always be a humble, and if you lose you should always walk away with dignity.

There are a lot of more tips and advice but we’ll save them for another time.

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