Martin Jacobson Is The 2014 World Poker Champion. Europe Takes First, Second and Third

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pocket Bullets ParisBy: Pocket Bullets Paris

The Final Table went through all the usual highs and lows of the race for the Championship bracelet. Jorryt van Hoof (Sweden) lead most of the way , dominating the first day of the final table and checking in on the second day as the overwhelming chip leader. However, day two was not as kind to him and he quickly bled out of chips. In just under two hours he busted out in 3rd place and was forced to settle for the  $3,807,753 prize.

Then it was a battle between Martin Jacobson from Sweden and Felix Stephensen from Norway. Stephensen was sitting on 58.5 million chips to Jacobson’s 142 million chips.

With the chip lead, Jacobson clearly had the momentum and the skills; in fact, he seemed unbeatable. It proved true as he kept the pressure on his Norwegian opponent to grind Stephensen down to under 30 million in chips. Interestingly, Stephensen seemed to be winning most of the pots heads up to start, but all of the big, meaningful ones went to Jacobson.

Martin JacobsonThen, on Hand #328, all of the money went in for the final time. Stephensen was holding  and opened with a raise from the button, Jacobson moved all in with , and Stephensen called.

A ten flopped, giving Jacobson trip tens. The turn was the to leave Stephensen drawing dead. The dealer completed the board with the to make it official and send Stephensen home with a mere $5,147,911.

So it was Jacobson winning the championship title. Oh, and the top prize of $10 million dollars.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a winner of The Texas Poker Store’s Predict the Grand Champion contest, since no one chose Jacobson. Better luck next time . . . or at the poker tables!

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